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High Pressure Suspension Grinder Mill's Maintenance
Date:2012-02-23 09:37

High Pressure Suspension Grinder Mill ,the important non-metallic mineral- processing equipment, is widely used in industry of mining, cement plants and chemical . Due to  its stable operation,good applicability and effective cost,high pressure suspension grinder is already in use in non-metallic mineral processing since the industry has rised more than 20 years ago.

Possible failures and solutions about High Pressure Suspension Grinder:
1.No powder or low powder yield
         Failure cause: No good adjustment of the powder lock, or not strict sealing results in powder pour suck; Shovel blade badly worn cause material cannot be scooped up.
            Solution: Check and adjust the fine powder lock for sealing; Replace new shovel blade.
2.Finished powder size too coarse or too fine.
       Failure cause: Blade of analyzer worn seriously can not achieve classification; Fan is not appropriate.
           Solution: Replace blades, and turn down supply air rate of the fan to solve over-coarse; turn up the supply air rate to solve over-fine.
3.Host electric current up, fans electric currents drop
       Failure cause: Feeding excessive, wind tunnels are clogging by powder, due to poor pipe exhaust, circulating air heated to make it the main current up, temperature rise, fans electric currents to drop
              Solution: Reduce the amount of feed, clear channel product of powder. Turn up wind pipe valves, input material temperature control under 6 centigrade.
4.Host has too much noise with strong vibration.
        Failure cause: Feed a small amount. Blade worn seriously, cannot afford to scoop material, anchor bolts loose; Hard material, big hit, or without material layer; grinding roller and grinding ring out of round and serious deformation.
                  Solution: Adjust the amount of feed, replace the new blade; replace feeding granularity; replace grinding roller and ring.
5.Fan vibration
        Failure cause: Remaining powder on the fan blade or fan blade worn seriously; foundation bolt loosed.
               Solution: Clean the powder remained on the fan blade or replace blade; Tighten the foundation bolts.
6.Oil tank transmission and analytical engine's temperature increasing.
        Failure cause: Viscosity of engine oil is too thick, so crew pump oil can’t add into it, and making the upper bearing oil shortage.
               Solution: Check the engine oil grade and viscosity requirements; Check the running direction of analyzer.
7.Roller bearing device is damaged
       Failure cause: Fuel shortage or the seal being damaged; long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.
              Solution: Timely refuel according to regulations; Regular cleaning;replace the oil seal.

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