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Raymond Mill use, development and classification
Date:2012-04-10 15:53

Raymond Mill use, development and classification
Raymond mill is a new type of drilling operations with the continuous development of the mining industry equipment. It is one or a few rock drill together with the self-propelled installed together in a special drill superior gluteal, and is equipped with running gear, so that drilling operations mechanization.

Raymond Mill is widely used in mine roadway excavation and mining operations, also used in the construction of the railway tunnel boring and defense engineering. With the continuous improvement of drilling and blasting process, Raymond mill in the production and construction is increasingly showing its excellent since.

Raymond Mill is the development of the 1940s, initially with pneumatic control is still not perfect, but its advantage is indeed displayed. It reduces the manual labor of drilling workers. Improved working conditions, improve the level of mechanization, and improved drilling efficiency. Using drills, rock drilling, and accelerate the speed of the perforated ensure the quality of blast holes.

The mid-1950s, Raymond Mill application of hydraulic technology. From the 1960s, Raymond Mill is becoming mechanized drilling equipment.

The early 1970s, invented the hydraulic rock drill and hydraulic Raymond Mill, Drilling technology development has entered a new phase.

Recently foreign dozen companies produced 50 kinds of hydraulic rock drill and hydraulic drilling. Full hydraulic drilling technology has been pushed /. Used in tunneling and mine roadway excavation, mining operations, bolting and gravel operations.

Raymond Mill type. According to their use can be divided into: Open Raymond Mill, Raymond Mill, and driving under the mining 'Raymond Mill, anchor stick drills. Technical walking can be divided into the f-orbit wheel Raymond Mill, Raymond Mill of the tire and crawler Raymond Mill. Driven power can be divided into: electric Raymond mill, the pneumatic Raymond Mill and internal combustion engines Raymond Mill. According to the drilling machine installed a few days can be divided into: single, dual-, three-machine and multi-Raymond Mill.

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