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Raymond Mill process and the basic composition
Date:2012-04-10 15:48

Raymond Mill process and the basic composition

Raymond Mill boring job work process; First, the walking device to start the Raymond Mill, into the face to determine the location; start working device to the location of perforated rock drill, align the drilling direction ; just adjust the position to promote the stable car jack Drill stability; start drilling machine drilling. Secondly, when a hole in the chisel after returned to the rock drill, align the drill night and propeller position. Determine the second hole startled and hole direction, and for perforated. Third, in a stable car boreholes were completed, move the body to reach the new location, the drilling operations. Fourth, when the full-face drilling drilling completed, drills, removed from the face to reach a safe location.

The tunneling Raymond Mill by the rock drill: propeller, boom, the composition of the powertrain, chassis, upper bodies, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, gas and water systems, stable vehicle, legs MAN protective roof and so on.

Fully functional Raymond Mill is usually the following components; working bodies, chassis, superstructure, power units, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, gas and water systems, etc..

Work device: is used to layout requirements according to drilling to accurately determine the location and direction of the borehole, to support the advance or exit the rock drilling machine, remove the rock powder and maintain a certain depth of drilling. By the composition of the boosters, the boom and to ensure the boom and to promote the accurate action of the rotary bodies and translation agencies. Chassis to support the weight of the upper body, move the body. It consists of the engine (motor), transmission, steering system and braking system and wheels or tracks.

The upper structure; for the installation of equipment, running gear and other devices and systems, and the composition of the installation of stable car outrigger and protective top wing.

Power Plant: used to drive the hydraulic pump. By an electric motor or air motor. Some combustion engine driven hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic system: agencies and the device used to manipulate the control drills. Consists of pumps, tanks, piping, various valves and filters.

Electrical systems; used to drive to control the hydraulic system or other devices need electric. By the motor and various components.

Air-water system: exclude the rock Young and cooling system. Pumps, control valves and piping.

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