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The total installed of Raymond Mill
Date:2012-04-10 15:28

The total installed of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill equipment installation is the last process in the repair process, the essence of the various components installed fixed on the substrate, so as a whole. The same time. Requirements between the various components, the interaction between the positional accuracy of the various components and the substrate rail to the provisions of the technical requirements.

The total installed Raymond mill equipment overhaul and new products, the total installed differ from wear and tear; them the discretion of the mutual position of school change, the more complex maintenance and installation work some of the major requirement:

Some components use the following maintenance and installation quality.

A) positioning the locating pin on the length of its work with the two parts the surface of the hole to reach the requirements of the contact surface to ensure positioning.
2) the main components in the correct location premise, fastening and reliable; fixed joints should be approached closely, under normal circumstances 0.04mm feeler gauge can not go.
3) moving parts, whether in the case-load or no load, should be flexible movement, not skew and jam phenomenon, various parts of overheating, abnormal sound by the condition.
4) Raymond mill equipment work, the handle will not be allowed to jitter or self-movement, dislocation hysteresis phenomenon.
5) The security measures should be complete and in good technical condition.

Maintenance of the total order of installation, according to the different parts wear and maintenance in a different order. For example:

Lathe maintenance and installation will wear more serious, more significant rail, marsh board vice research repair, then Slide platinum sinking.

Restore the original position of the apron, the total installed apron rail surface coating, its thickness equal to the apron sink, then will the apron fixed in the dry board and apron joint surface as the base , followed by installation of the rail bed below the rack and other parts. Thus ensuring the correct position of the feed box.

Irrespective of the order of installation, must ultimately ensure that the Grinder Mill accuracy requirements, to ensure that the various components of the contact stiffness. To ensure that the installation process and create good conditions for the next overhaul.

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