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World Grinding Mill Market Current
Date:2012-02-23 14:48

Global demand for specialized Grinding Mill (including separately sold parts and attachments) is projected to increase over five percent per year through 2011 to more than $30 billion. And its will be fueled by continued demand for metals such as iron ore and copper. Moreover, the ongoing global thirst for energy will boost coal output.

Prices for mineable commodities (especially metals like copper and iron ore) have shown growth in recent years,which has led to intensified efforts to mine metal ores, and thereby generated strong demand for products like mining machinery. Meanwhile, coal, facing dwindling reserves in numerous countries, remains in demand as an alternative source of energy in an era of high oil and gas prices, while demand for industrial minerals (clays, sand and gravel, stone and a myriad of others) has benefitted from the general upsurge in commodities markets.

Gains in China, India to boost Asia/Pacific demand

China has shown strong growth in Grinding Mill demand, a direct result from more investment in its local mining industry. For example, coal output nearly doubled from 2001 to 2006, reflecting the nation's intense need for energy. China is also a major exporting country of iron ore and bauxite. There are Other major Asian markets for mining equipment including Australia and India. Just like China, India has witnessed a major growth in coal output. While Australia is a leading producer of bauxite and iron ore. Asia is expected to post strong gains in Gringding Mill demand through 2011, reflecting further gains in the China and India markets. Latin America, which has extensive mineable resources, will also post above average growth, reflecting more mining investment in nations like Brazil. Eastern Europe will also continue to provide opportunities, particularly in Russia.

Global industry leaders looking to developing countries as new mineable resources

Despite of their maturity as markets, the largest producers of Grinding Mills are generally found in the United States and the industrialized nations of Western Europe, as well as Japan. Such countries have a long history and much expertise in the development of capital equipment industries of all types, which many have leveraged in mining machinery. However, China has emerged as a major producer,  in large part due to the nation’s growing mining industry. With the largest deposits of mineable resources generally located in developing countries, the major multinationals that dominate world Grinding Mill production are increasingly moving production capacity to these areas in a trend that is expected to continue.

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