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Analyze Milling Industrial Trend-Woshan Embrace Challeges
Date:2012-02-22 17:48

On Feb,13th,2012,the news conference of "2011 Full-Year Mechanical Industrial Economic Operation Situation, "  was held in Beijing,China, which conducted a systematic analysis of the mechanical industrial economic situation in 2011 and predicted the running trend in 2012.

In 2011,the main product & sale index of the machinery industry achieved rapid development , but economic efficiency index also falls fast,therefor,problems and difficulties faced by the industry operation get continuous accumulation.Delegates held that influnced by users'slowdown investment in machinary industry and export market turmoil's excerbation since 2011, the mechanical products meet weak market demand, showing the situation of overcapacity.Weici Cai,the Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that overcapacity in the machinery industry will last quite a long time.The main economic index of Machinery Industry growth for 2012 will be less than 2011.Yanmei Wang, an associate researcher at the Institute of Industrial Economics of CASS, said that China's machinery industry's main overcapacity was structural surplus, with adjustment & upgrade of the demand structure faster than the supply structure.  

As a pillar industry of national economic system, the development of top-end equipment manufacturing industry has a huge impact on national development.Through unremitting exploration and innovation, Shanghai Woshan has produced a full range of product chain in the crushers and milling machine, and has a stable customer base in more than 100 countries and regions around the world . Faced with optimistic value of the industry's 2012 economic environment, Shanghai Woshan has accumulated sufficient strength. Faced with new challenges,Woshan employees firmly believe that there are still many different aspects can be refined and enhanced, and still a lot of market need innovation. Regardless of the external environment, Woshan will stick to focusing on improving the independent innovation capability of high-end equipment, improving product quality and brand reputation, enhancing the level of the product's energy efficiency index,developing modern manufacturing services.And Woshan will provide better equipment support to promote the industry development mode transition of all clients to contribute to Green Development of the Chinese manufacturing.


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