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Development and Present Situation of China Raymond Mill
Date:2012-02-21 11:31

In China, Raymond Mill manufacturing is an engineering disciplines researching into the design, production , processing & manufacturing, sales & use, maintenance services and even the whole process of recycling; also a completed systems engineering aiming at improving the quality, efficiency and competitive power , including material flow, information flow and energy flow.

  Before 1980, the mill 's technology is relatively simple .so that a new mill on the market  will soon be followed by milsl with same features. At the1980s, after China 's opening up and flourishing development , market competition becomes increasingly fierce with the  further development of the globalization of markets. At early 1990s, Raymond Mill’s technology had been vigorously promoted and applicated,including the foundation of Raymond Mill Experimental Engineering Center and seven open laboratories. Several research projects of Raymond Mill was deployed nationwide,such as software engineering & standardization, open system structure & development strategies, overall and integration technology, automation of product design , automation  of process design , flexible manufacturing level , management & decision-making information systems , quality assurance techniques, network & database technology , and system theory & methods ,etc. All these achieved fruitful results with varying degrees of progress. But most of the Raymond mill manufacturing enterprises ,large, small and medium – sized, mainly restricted to the powder processing and management information systems , the underlying automation is still very weak , and numerically-controlled machine didn’t make effects  due to the complexity of programming. Therefore , with the mining in advanced industrial

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