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Woshan High Pressure Mill Paces With the Times
Date:2012-03-20 10:16
Great development of the stone market in recent years the mill market demand and increased sales .At the same time the technological level of a variety of new mill also will continuously improve the expansion, while high pressure Woshan mill seize the market characteristics, pacing with the times.
Woshan High Pressure Mill gets two improvements, which greatly enhance the efficiency of the mill:

1, the pressure spring; grinding rollers wear into small size, you can tighten the spring nut to keep the roll pressure unchanged, in order to achieve productivity constant.

2, roller mill: sub-structure, the roller with the same two grinding rollers, the inner surface of the two bi-directional cone, roll grinding cylindrical central wear concave, can be two grinding rollers, respectively, inverted or swap, so you can make the mill roll wear uniform, yield stability, and extend the life of the grinding roller sets, increase the utilization of steel.

The improved mill on the one hand we can reduce the down rod intubation into the position of the cylindrical tapered barrel with powder flow more fully separated, and finished products need to be more coarse, should be the cone in cylindrical cones removed, so that intubation the lower end into the location of the spring pressure, so you get more coarse mill granularity. On the other hand by turning the joint-bar mechanism can change the angle of the guide plate and radial shaft fixed connection, the greater this angle is, the greater the radius of gyration and the rotation speed of powder flow entering the cylinder and cone barrel is , so the finished product is also finer.
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