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Training for All Employee
Date:2012-02-20 15:48

During the last month,Shanghai Woshan has organized a series of traning for both new staff and senior ones. In the past time, every department had their own things to do, thus people from different department might know little about other knowledge, which had caused lots of inconvenience. As a result, the management from Woshan had made their determination to train all employee.

All employee will attend a one-hour traing every week, mainly related to the knowledge of products, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, grinding mill and so on. All we can learn a lot about the communicating skills both about face-to-face communications and indirect communications.

After one-month study, all people made a great progress not only in their own position, but also in related works, which also makes people work more effective and concentrated. All of us become more interested and energetic day after day, since they can learn quite a lot and find their own goal in future.

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